Palmer House
A Recovery Home for Women

A large four bedroom – 2 1/2  bath home
In a very safe, convenient location
on Palmer just north of Newburgh

 Free high speed internet

  Free phones with unlimited long distance

  Big Screen TV

  Cable TV

  Huge yard with large deck, tile patio, fire pit

   Flower and vegetable gardens

Close to:

   IOP, Day Treatment programs & counseling centers

  Numerous AA & NA Meetings

  Michigan WORKS & Work First

  MI Rehabilitation Services

  Numerous community support  programs

  Within one mile of 2 major bus routes
Palmer House is a beautiful split level home. Upstairs the women enjoy a large kitchen with built in dishwasher and
microwave, adjacent to the kitchen is a breakfast bar and large dining room and living room with TV and stereo.
Three bedrooms are on this level and one on the lower level. Each room is furnished with linens, closet/dressor
space and a TV with cable.
Downstairs the women enjoy a family room with large screen TV with cable and plenty of room for sewing, crafts,
card and games. They have a computer with high speed internet to search for employment and learn computer
skills. Walk out the sliding patio doors onto a huge deck and patio area for lounging and socializing.  Phones are
provided with unlimited calling and free long-distance. Laundry facilities are also provided. In the large back yard
there is plenty of room for volley ball and planting in our vegetable garden.. We have a grill for cookouts and a fire
pit for campfire meetings.

Welcome to your new home. We are here to support you in your 12-step recovery. We have been
where you are now and we know it can be very scary. If this is your first time in recovery, you
probably have no idea what you’re supposed to do next. Its okay - you are not alone and we will
gently guide you and support you. If you’ve been in recovery before, you may know what you should
do, but may be afraid you won’t make it this time either. Relax! Just for today, all you have to do is
unpack your bags – if you want we can help. Ask for anything you may need and we will do our best
to make you comfortable. It is normal to feel uncomfortable in new situations – lean on us – that’s why
we are here.

We run this home like an extended family in many ways – the welfare of the family members – is of
utmost importance. We all work together to create a safe, loving environment which supports all the
family members' recovery. It is not okay for one person to jeopardize the welfare of the others. All
healthy families have common codes of courtesy and respect. Truth is – not all of us came from
healthy families, so we didn't learn a lot of the skills necessary to get along as a family. We have
developed family guidelines that everyone follows and we also hold each other accountable. If you
ignore a guideline you jeopardize the harmony of the home, this will eventually affect your recovery
and affect others. If you are aware of another family member acting out it is imperative you bring it to
the staff’s attention or to a “Family Meeting”. If you do not, you could be putting the house and that
person in danger. In recovery we are each others “eyes and ears”. Not wanting to be a “narc” or
accused of “ratting out someone” is old using behavior – we don’t live in the streets or a dope house
– we live in a recovery home – secrets, lies, and “dishonesty by omission” lead us back to using.  
Using leads us back to jails or institutions and possible death. You will see we take our recovery
programs very seriously and as a result we find joy, peace and happiness. If you are serious about
your recovery then you too will find that it frees you to have lots of time and energy for fun, play, and
laughter. “We are not a glum lot” (The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous) WE LOVE TO HAVE FUN
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