Living the Principles Programs consist of two phases to develop self-sufficient
clients and a Phase-III – Independent Recovery Living Environment. All clients in
Phases-I and II participate in A Design For Living LifeSkills Program. The core
components of this program are:

                   1. Personal development;

                   2. Vocational development;

                   3. Responsible health care & relapse prevention;

                   4. Interpersonal skill development;

                   5. Personal and spiritual development;

                   6. Family living and parenting skills

                   7. Resolution of financial & legal concerns;

                   8. Community involvement;
                   9. Creative leisure activities/celebrations; and

                  10. Independent living preparation/follow-up.

“A Design for Living LifeSkills Program” supports women in the recovery
process and presents additional opportunities to develop necessary LifeSkills. This
is what sets Living The Principles apart from other transitional living programs. Not
only are they given the skills to assimilate back with their families, children and the
community, they are offered an opportunity to live in affordable, recovery family
homes for an indefinite period of time. After completing the first two phases the client
may apply to live in a self-run recovery family home. This is of significant value to the
clients as they continue to live in a safe, supportive residence with others who have
also built a strong foundation of recovery. It is important for women in transition to be
with other recovering people to avoid slipping back into old behaviors and risking
relapse. These homes provide a sense of community and afford the clients a place
to continue to develop the tools they have learned and to be supported in practicing
the spiritual principles of their recovery programs.
A Design For Living
LifeSkills Program